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Quercus lamellosa

Name: Quercus lamellosa Sm. in Rees 1814 

Fruits: big flattened acorn, 2-3 cm long, 3-4cm diameter, smooth; enclosed 2/3 to 4/5 by cup; cup sessile, 2-3 cm long, 3-5 cm diameter, 7-10 concentric rings with flaking edges at maturity; basal scar 2-3 cm wide; flat or slightly convex; stylopodium persistent, 5 mm thick; maturing in 1 year.  #oak #acorn #Quercus#quercuslamellosa #cyclobalanopsis#cyclobakanopsislamellosa #drawing #penandink#micron #atc

Cyclobalanopsis lamellosa (Sm.) Oerst. 1867
Cyclobalanopsis fengii Hu & Cheng 1951
Cyclobalanopsis nigrinervis Hu 1951
imbricata Buch- Ham. ex D.Don 1825
lamellata Roxb.1832
lamelloides (C.C. Huang) Y.T. Chang 1996
lamellosa var. nigrinervis (Hu) Zhou & Sun 1996
paucilamellosa A.DC 1864

Local Names: Buk Oak, Bao pian qing gang

Range: India, Thailand, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim, China. 

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