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abaxial - situated away from the axis (abaxial surface of the leaf = underneath, beneath)
adaxial - situated on the side toward the stem or axis (adaxial surface of the leaf = above)
awn - 1.a bristlelike appendage of a plant, especially on the glumesof grasses. 2.such appendages collectively, as those forming the beard ofwheat, barley, etc. 3.any similar bristle.
acuminate pointed; tapering to a point.
appressed - pressed closely together

cordate - heart shaped with the attachment at the notched end
caudatehaving a tail or taillike appendage.
crenate - having the margins notched or scalloped to form rounded teeth
dentate - toothed margins or tooth-like projections
denticulate - finely dentate (toothed)

elliptical - having the form of an ellipse

farinose - 1.yielding farina. 2.resembling farina; farinaceous.3.covered with a mealy powder.

glaucous - covered with bluish or whitish waxy coating (example: plum)
glabrous - surface devoid of hair or pubescence

hemispheric - having the form of a hemisphere

intercalary - interpolated or interposed

lanceolate - shaped like the head of a lance

mucronate - having an abrupt projected point

oboval, obovate - inversely ovate; ovate with the narrow end at the base.
ovoid - egg shaped

peduncle - the stalk bearing the acorn
petiole - the stalk by which the leaf is attached to the stem
prostrate - lying flat or at full length, as on the ground.Growing flat along the ground. Creeping jenny, pennyroyal, and many species of ivy have a prostrate growth habit.
polymorphous - passing through or having various forms or stages

sessile - attached by the base, or without any distinct projecting support
subconical - resembling or pertaining to a cone
stellate - arranged or shaped like a star, radiating from the center
style - the stalk of a carpel, bearing the stigma
stylopodium - a swelling at the base of the style in umbelliferous plants

tomentose - closely covered with down or matted hair
trichomes - hairlike or bristle like growth from epidermis of plant

umbelliferous - relating to, or belonging to theUmbelliferae, a family of herbaceous plants and shrubs, typically having hollow stems,divided or compound leaves,and flowers in umbels: includes fennel, dill, parsley, carrot,celery, and parsnip

velutinous having a soft, velvety surface, as certain plants.

Disclaimer: This is not a taxonomic or scientific about oaks. I am not a botanist. I love oak, reading about oak and drawing acorns and oak leaves in my own style. I use the referenced description of the acorn and leaves to help define my illustrations. The acorns and leaves are not drawn to scale. For authoritative information on oaks, please consult scientific journals and sites. Please do not copy or distribute images without my written permission.

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