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Quercus grisea

Quercus grisea Liebm 1854 (Q.grisea is actually a complex of two species : 1. Q.grisea Liebmann = gray oak, mountain white oak ; the type described below;  the specimen named Q.endemica C.H.Muller 1937 are actually identical; several hybrids with : Q.gambelii, Q.mohriana, Q.arizonica, Q.turbinella; 2. Q.arizonica Sargent 1895 (Oaks of the World.Free.Fr) (1)

Synonyms:   Quercus undulata Torr. var. grisea (Liebm.) Engelm. 1877, Quercus oblongifolia Coult., not Torr. 1853, nor R.Br. ter 1871

Local Names:    Scrub oak, Gray oak , Mountain white oak, Mexican Blue Oak

Acorn:    The acorn  measures 1.2-2 cm long; singly or paired; short peduncle 0-1.5 cm long; cup scaly, half-round, glabrous, enclosing 1/3 to 1/2 of nut; maturing in 1 year; cotyledons connate;(1)

Leaves:    2-8 x 1-4 cm; semi-evergreen; oval elliptic; entire; thick, stiff; margin rolled under, sometimes some mucronate teeth; base rounded, apex pointed; glaucous grey above with scattered stellate hairs; hairy beneath (with 4-11 rayed spreading trichomes); 6-10 vein pairs; petiole pubescent, 3-10 mm long;(1)

Images: Tree, Acorn and Leaves, Acorn and Leaves

Range: Limited distribution overall, gray oak is relatively common in the Trans-Pecos area of Texas [50].  Its range extends from Texas westward into the mountains of central and southern New Mexico [48]. Gray oak is less common in central and southeastern Arizona [35,60]. The scattered populations of gray oak in northern Mexico extend southward to Durango and westward from Coahuila to Sonora ( See Map. (2) (3)

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