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Quercus x rosacea

Quercus x rosacea.

Synonyms:    Quercus petraea x robur
Quercus pedunculata var. rosacea (Bechst.) Bluff & Fingerh. 1825
Quercus x allardii Hy 1895
Quercus x bossebovii Hy 1895
Quercus x brevipes Heuffel 1850
Quercus x hybrida Bechstein 1816
Quercus x feketei Simonk. 1887
Quercus x intermedia Boenningh. in Reichenb. 1831
Quercus x jahnii Simonk. 1890
Quercus x secalliana C.Vicioso 1950
Quercus x sessiloïdes Léveillé 1917

Quercus × superlata Borbás 
Quercus × roborigermanica Lasch 

Local Names:   

Acorn:    acorn's peduncle is the same length as the petiole of the nearest leave, reaching 5 cm; convex scales cup; cup enclosing 1/3 of the nut;

Leaves:    variable in size and shape; both sides glabrous, but with some simples hairs on veins and axils; base narrower than in Q. petraea, sometimes auricled; lobes are more regular than in Q.petraea; petiole glabrous, 0.5-2.5 cm long;

Range:   Native hybrid over Europe

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