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Quercus kerrii

Name:   Quercus kerrii Craib

Synonyms:    Cyclobalanopsis kerrii (Craib) Hu 1940; dispar Chun & Tsiang 1947, nom. illeg.; vestita Rehd. & Wils. in Sarg. 1916 not Griff. 1848

Local Names:   mao ye qing gang

Growth Habit usually 7-8 m, but reaches 20 m

Acorn:    acorn globose flattened, 0.7-1.3 cm high, 2-2.8 cm in diameter; apex flat or depressed;  several on a 4 cm long peduncle; slightly raised basal scar, 1-2 cm wide; enclosed 1/4 to 1/2 by cup; cup flat, 0.5-1 cm de haut, 2-3.5 cm in diameter, with bracts in 7-11 pubescent, entire or denticulate concentric rings; stylopodium persistent, greyish pubescent; maturing in 1 year; (Oaks of The World)

Leaves:    10-24 x 3-8 cm; evergreen or nearly so; leathery; oblong-elliptic, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate; margin apical 2/3 serrate;  apex slightly obtuse to shortly acuminate; base rounded or broadly cuneate; shiny green above, hairy beneath; midrib weakly raised underside; 10-14 veins pairs; tertiary veins evident abaxially; petiole tomentose 1-2 cm long; (Oaks of The World)

Range:    SW China; Thailand; Vietnam; Myanmar; Laos

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