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Quercus michauxii

Name: Quercus michauxii

Synonyms: Quercus bicolor var. michauxii, Quercus bicolor subsp michauxii, Quercus houstoniana, Quercus prinus, Quercus prinus var. michauxii

Local Names:   Swamp Chestnut Oak, Basket Oak, Cow Oak

Acorn: 2.5-3 cm long; ovoid; singly or paired; enclosed 1/2 by cup; cup sessile or nearly so, with free or slightly appressed scales; maturing in 1 year; cotyledons distinct 

Leaves:   10-23 x 5-12 cm; oblong; apex pointed, base cuneate; margin wavy with 9-14 pairs of teeth; shiny dark green above; grey green, tomentose beneath ; red at fall; petiole pubescent 5-20 mm long.


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