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Quercus sinuata

Quercus sinuata.

Quercus durandii,
Quercus undulata,

Local Names: 
Bastard Oak,
Bastard White Oak,
Durand Oak,
Bigelow Oak. 

Acorn: 1.2-1.5 cm; almost round; brown; sessile or nearly so; singly or paired; cup shallow, enclosing 1/4 or less of nut, with appressed, smooth, greyish scales; maturing in 1 year; 

 Leaves: 5-12 x 2.5-6 cm; oblanceolate; apex broadly rounded; base cuneate; margin entire or with few lobes or only wavy near apex; rich green, hairless above; dull green, pubescent beneath with 8-10 rays stellate hairs; 7-11 vein pairs; petiole 3-5 mm long.

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