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Quercus nigra

Quercus nigra, Water Oak, Possum Oak, aquatica (Lam.) Walt. 1788, hemisphaerica var. nana (Willd.) Sarg. 1895, microcarpa Small 1901, nana Willd. 1805, nigra var. aquatica Lam. 1785 nigra f. microcarya (Small) Sarg. 1918, nigra var. tridentifera Sarg. 1918, nigra var. heterophylla (Ait.) Ashe, uliginosa Wangenh. 1787 

Water oak is associated with the following oak species: willow oak (Quercus phellos), laurel oak (Q. laurifolia), Nuttall oak (Q. nuttallii), cherrybark oak (Q. falcata), white oak (Q. alba), swamp chestnut oak (Q. michauxii).  It is a deciduous tree and can grow up to 100 feet. The leaves are variable and fall in late winter. The acorn is globose, enclosed 1/3 to 1/4 by a shallow broad cup. Further reading: (1) (2) (3)

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